Aquaculture Management II


Aquaculture is producing >40% of the total world fishery production and contributing >50% of the total seafood for human consumption. It is continuing to grow at about 8% per year and is entirely reshaping the fishery industry and fisheries management strategies worldwide. This course focuses on science and technology of reproduction, spawning, larval husbandry, nursery and growout techniques of commercially important species of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, algae, non-traditional species and the production of live feeds such as microalgae, rotifers, Artemia and other zooplanktonic organisms. The course also covers bioenergetics and growth, species and site selection, environmental issues, disease prevention and control (prophylaxis, probiotics and vaccines), aquaculture feeds and feeding strategies, water quality control and environmentally-sound growout technology such as recirculating systems with zero effluent discharge and offshore cages.  The course addresses advanced technology and proper management practices for sustainable aquaculture development. The Spring 2013 session will be primarily a lab course, with a great deal of hands-on experience at the experimental hatchery.



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